Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleanse your crystals and tumbled stones to remove built-up energy, negative energy, energy from a person other then yourself, and to re-charge or set a different intention. There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals, including:

* Setting your crystals out in the sunlight. (note: this may cause your crystal’s color to fade over time)
* Setting your crystals out in the moonlight / full moon.
* Using sage smudge or a “purification” incense. Pass your crystals through the smoke.
* Using a “purification” candle. Pass your crystals over the candle flame … but not too close !.
* Cleansing with running water. NOTE: Some gemstones are sensitive to water … most stones that end in “ITE” … for example malachite, fluorite … can be damaged by excessive exposure to water.
* Cleanse with Satin Spar Selenite / Selenite. Selenite can remove negative energies.

While cleansing, say a simple intention / ritual. Something as basic as “I wish for you to release all build-up energies and intentions stored inside” will work just fine. You can also find much more detailed, full rituals by searching the Internet.

Special note about ROUGH stones: Most of the rough stones that we sell are considered “MINE – RUN”. This simply means that they have never been sorted or WASHED. It is suggested that you atleast rinse your rough stone off with water as soon as you receive it.