Charging Your Crystals

Charging your rocks and crystals can be very important. This sets the INTENTION for the crystal / rock. You are basically telling the stones energy WHAT you would like for it to accomplish. For example, you can take a Green Aventurine gemstone and charge it to DRAW MONEY. Since Green Aventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra, you could later cleanse the crystal and then re-charge it to draw love.

The most important part of charging your stone is to tell it what you would like it “to do”. One of the best ways to do this is to verbally state the intention while holding it in your hand … along with your amplifier stone. This allows the stone to “absorb” your personal energies and desires. Something as simple as “Rose Quartz, I wish for you to help me find love” works just fine. More detailed and formal rituals can be found on the Internet.

Charging can be done in many of the same ways as cleansing, including:

* Setting your crystals out in the sunlight. Used to set PROJECTIVE intentions. (note: this may cause your crystal’s color to fade over time)

* Setting your crystals out in the moonlight / full moon. Used to set RECEPTIVE intentions.

* Using sage smudge or a “POWER” incense or charging CANDLE. Pass your crystals through the smoke. You can use a basic power or blessings incense … IE: Dragon’s Blood, Frank & Myrrh … or use an incense related to the intention you wish to set … IE: money, love, protection.

* Charge with Satin Spar Selenite / Selenite. Can work as an energy amplifier and conduit. Especially useful for RECEPTIVE intentions.

* Try charging a power stone first … IE: sunstone, clear quartz. Set the intention as a “power amplifier”. Then hold or place this stone with all of the other stones as you charge them. This can help increase the effectiveness.